Aramco’s Industrial Security Operations discusses advanced security capabilities at major U.K. conference.

Aramco Hosts Security Leaders Summit at Global Security Conference
Aramco’s pavilion at the Birmingham National Exhibition Center attracted some of the 40,000 attendees from around the world.

Aramco’s Industrial Security Operations (ISO) expanded its global presence further recently by participating one of the world’s largest security events in Birmingham, U.K.

The event enabled Aramco to strengthen security-related partnerships among a gathering of more than 40,000 specialists, manufacturers, and distributors, who showcased the latest security technologies and practices.

Aramco's pavilion at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Center demonstrated the company's security-focused efforts, and along with a “Security Leaders Summit” also organized by the company, attracted more than 2,000 visitors.

Aramco Hosts Security Leaders Summit at Global Security Conference
Sami A. Ajmi accepts an award from the security conference’s organizing committee for Aramco’s contributions in the sector.

ISO speakers contributed to discussions about Aramco’s advanced security capabilities, and vice president of Industrial Security Sami A. Ajmi received an award from the organizing committee in recognition of Aramco’s contribution to the sector.

— The Arabian Sun: May 13, 2024