Faisal A. Al Hajji highlights company’s employee value proposition and how it powers talent acquisition.

Aramco Hosts 2024 Talent Acquisition Partners Forum
Participants and members of the 2024 Talent Acquisition Partners Forum team are joined by Aramco management. The event was held in the Kingdom for the first time.

Aramco hosted the 2024 International Talent Acquisition Partners (TAP) Forum recently, marking the first time the event has been held in Saudi Arabia.

Drawing on its success last year in London, this year’s edition brought together thought leaders from 22 Aramco partners from nine countries. Some 130 attendees joined the Aramco team at the Plaza Conference Center in Dhahran for a day of networking, sharing experiences, and showcasing Aramco’s employee value proposition*.

Aramco Hosts 2024 Talent Acquisition Partners Forum
Faisal A. Al Hajji speaks about the importance of partners understanding how the employee value proposition powers talent acquisition at the 2024 International Talent Acquisition Partners Forum held in Dhahran.

Aramco’s Unique Employee Value Proposition

In opening remarks, Faisal A. Al Hajji, senior vice president of Human Resources, highlighted the extent of Aramco’s employee value proposition and the importance of partners understanding how it powers talent acquisition.

Today, our employee value proposition attracts second- and even third-generation Aramco employees, both locally and globally. TAP enables partners to interact with such employees, many of whom grew up on company premises and joined later as employees.

At the event, the latest cohort of the Young Leaders Advisory Board (YLAB) shared an overview of Aramco’s position in the market and stressed the emphasis the company places on the development and empowerment of its young talent.

Peer-to-peer panel discussions focused on the talent acquisition landscape, best practices, and recruiting strategies. Aramco TAP shared sourcing opportunities in South Africa, North and South America, the U.K., and the European region.

Dmitry Krainov, strategic account director for LinkedIn, shared market expertise and explained how recruitment practices and account management strategies have evolved. He also highlighted the importance of creating alignment between Aramco’s brand and the employee value proposition to support attraction efforts and leverage the brand in talent markets where the oil and gas industry is less well-known.

Commenting on TAP 2024 on LinkedIn, Houda Bouhayat, principle Customer Success manager said, “This initiative underscores dedication to cultivating a workplace environment that not only attracts but also nurtures top talent in the industry.”

A highlight of the event was a performance by the Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools (SAES) Chamber Choir. This was followed by a presentation by SAES manager Benjamin Jacobs, highlighting the quality of company-operated schools for expatriate families with children — a provision that exemplifies the comprehensive nature of the company’s EVP.

Aramco Community Tours

Visiting partners were provided with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Aramco community, to enjoy its world-class facilities, and be inspired at Ithra.

A LinkedIn post by Adam Thorburn, Recruitment director at MVA International Headhunters, drew attention to the exciting opportunities offered by our communities, facilities, and the Kingdom in general.

The event concluded with closing remarks from Hassan M. Kamal, Staffing Services Department director (A), who thanked Aramco partners for their participation and reaffirming that talent acquisition is a strategic imperative that fuels our organization’s growth and success.

*An employee value proposition is one of the ways companies attract and retain employees. It can include remuneration, benefits, and more.

— The Arabian Sun: March 24, 2024