Taking a collaborative perspective on the sector’s challenges.

Aramco Brings Together Customers and Sector Experts at International Energy Week
There was a good atmosphere with well over 600 attendees at International Energy Week activities in London. In-person gatherings and networking opportunities are key component of the week’s acitivities.

With the return of International Energy Week 2023 in full swing in London last week, Aramco brought together customers, partners, and sector leaders to take a collaborative perspective on the enduring solutions needed for the energy transition and other challenges faced by the sector.

As the world’s eyes are on climate change impacts, energy supply challenges and volatile consumer prices in the market, Aramco takes a collaborative approach to the numerous related challenges.

Aramco is working with partners to supply the world with reliable energy today while at the same time exploring opportunities to provide lower carbon energy in the future.

“Having valuable conversations with partners and other sector leaders during the event in London aligns well with our belief in collaborative action and in the co-existence of conventional and alternative energy sources,” said Ibrahim Q. Al-Buainain, Aramco’s senior vice president of Sales, Trading and Supply Planning.

There was a good atmosphere with well over 600 attendees. Having such in-person gatherings and premium networking opportunities was highly appreciated by all partners present.

Conversations centered around our investments in the technology needed to support a stable and inclusive energy transition — where we’re working with partners to progress the development of lower emission fuels.

“It is a source of pride for me to talk about Aramco’s wide-ranging low carbon energy initiatives. Aramco is, for instance, researching the use of hydrogen as an energy source, as well as leading innovations in carbon capture and storage,” said Ahmed M. AlKhunaini, president and CEO of Aramco Europe. “As a proof of concept, Aramco’s Advanced Innovation Center partnered with Gaussin to sponsor the first 100% hydrogen fueled truck to complete the brutal Dakar Rally.

“Carbon capture and storage is another game changing area where we see partnering and collaboration as an important enabler, as evidenced by our collaboration with the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative.”

— Ahmed M. AlKhunaini

“As we strive to achieve system-wide impacts, we endeavor to work with the total energy ecosystem. Getting together, connecting customers, partners and sector leaders, enables the entire ecosystem to act in unison to put forward real and substantive solutions,” said Emad M. Al Dughaither, president and CEO of Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd.

The event built new and existing connections to further progress. Aramco will continue its conversations and collaborations to take on sector challenges and realize promising opportunities.

— The Arabian Sun: March 14, 2023