Aramco Brat, Doug Grant, hosted a cocktail and dinner gala at the waterfront restaurant, Shrimpers Bar and Grill, in Port Salerno, Florida on April 20th. Nine Brats and one honorary Brat were in attendance.

Aramco Brats Get Together
Left to right: Randy Miller (Dh. '60), Lynn DeGrado Miller (Dh. '60), Irene Pappas Dean (Dh. '75), Trevor Dean (honorary Brat!), Fred Bobb (Dh. '72), Doug Grant (RT. '71), Bob Pieksma (RT. '72), Brian Dowling (RT. '71), Betsey Falvey (RT. '71), Tor Hermannsson (Ab. '74)

Captain Doug and his two Brat " deckhands, " Bob Pieksma and Brian Dowling, are sailing his 40-foot motorboat down to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and then across the Florida Straits, 70 miles to the Bahamas. Doug plans a 3 to 4-week boating adventure, weather permitting.

Aramco Brats Get Together
Left to right: Betsey Falvey (RT. '71), Lynn DeGrado Miller (Dh. '60), Randy Miller (Dh. '60), Bob Pieksma (RT. '72), Irene Pappas Dean (Dh. '75), Brian Dowling (RT. '71), Fred Bobb (Dh. '72), Doug Grant (RT. '71)

The photo above shows Aramco Brat, Captain Doug Grant (far right), giving all of us Brats a tour of his 40-foot boat that sleeps 6 very comfortably. Doug had the boat built in Hungary five years ago.

Doug, Bob and Brian hope to be back on the East Coast of South Florida again around October and another reunion will be planned.

Anchors aweigh and smooth sailing Doug, Bob and Brian!