Janny Slotboom

Janny Slotboom (Tapline 1965-1980 and Ras Tanura 1980-1990) will celebrate a milestone birthday on November 9th, 2012. She will turn 80 and her daughters Monique and Arleen want to do something special for her. They would like to present Janny with birthday cards from all her Aramco ExPats friends, a truly unique and heartwarming gift! Arleen and Monique state, "We would really appreciate it if you all could send a card for her birthday. We want to hand over as many cards as we can from all her friends based all over the world. It's a different kind of birthday present but we think she'll like it and we want you all to be a part of her life on this special day." Cards can be sent to the following address and please do so as soon as you can so that all can be collected and come in on time for the special day. Janny Slotboom P/a Monique Slotboom Forelstraat 273 2037 KW, Haarlem The Netherlands Email: monique.slotboom@m-ws.nl "Thank you for your card and I know you'll make her day extra special. For those attending the Tucson Reunion, please don't let her know about the cards for it's a surprise."