The picnic to Turtle Beach was arranged by the group of really hard working students of Hamdard University. The names of these students are: Suleiman, Arqam and Ibrahim. The date of this marvelous picnic was May 10, 2017.

It was decided that every person would reach Hamdard Dental College by 8 o’clock sharp in the morning. The buses left the Dental College by 8:30 AM. We enjoyed the whole journey. It was nothing when we were at half way we saw the view of the city just as rectangles and squares, it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen. When we were finally at our destination we took out our stuff and moved towards our hut.

After ten minutes, the breakfast was served. The breakfast had three famous dishes which are Halwa, Cholay, Parathas and tea. The breakfast was marvelous and everyone loved it.

After breakfast everyone was ready to begin the real fun. Most of the people preferred the water, but there were really very high tides even though people were in the sea.

A Family Picnic at Turtle Beach Karachi
Habib and Zubair are having Camel ride while others are having fun in the water

There was a 700 CC YAMAHA Jetskee boat, 10 Camels and 8 Horses which had different colors and were extremely beautiful. The sea has an amazing ombre of three colors first dark sea blue, then light sea green and then transparent it was so awesome.

We all took camel and horse rides while Habib took a Jetskee ride and enjoyed it. It was really scary. We enjoyed it a lot although it was too hot and very high tide, Alhumduellah all went well. The only bad thing was that I lost my spectacles in the water due to high tide.

Later, the lunch was served. The lunch had four dishes first and the most popular Biryani, Chicken Tikka, Gola Kabab and Parathas with soft drinks and Kulfi as dessert. Everyone was extremely tired, so after everyone was done with lunch we sat in the buses and were off to the dental college then home. The picnic was very successful.

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