2020 ‘Id Mubarak

Dear colleagues,

With the Holy Month of Ramadan coming to a close, I would like to extend my personal best wishes to you and to your families for a peaceful ‘Id al-Fitr.

This ‘Id will be unlike any we have experienced before.

However, it is vital that we still observe all the precautionary and preventive measures that have been put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. This includes maintaining high standards of hygiene, wearing facemasks, practicing physical distancing, and avoiding gatherings of any kind. Any complacency is as dangerous as an infection and continued vigilance will ensure our own health and safety along with the well-being of our families and friends, our colleagues and communities.

During this time, our individual actions are for the greater good and for the benefit of others. I also want to convey my sincerest gratitude to all of you who contributed to our donation campaigns prior to and during Ramadan. You have demonstrated an enormous amount of compassion and care that is both humbling and inspiring. Countless people in need will directly benefit from your generosity as your donations will be matched 100% by Saudi Aramco and distributed to a wide range of worthwhile social, medical, and educational causes.

While traditionally this is a time when we gather with family and friends, we can take great comfort in knowing that by staying apart, we are truly in this together. ‘Id Mubarak!

Amin Nasser
President and CEO

— The Arabian Sun: May 20, 2020 | Vol. LXXV, No. 21