Ali Al-Baluchi Ali Al-Baluchi

At Aramco Annuitant Reunions, there's rarely a moment of boredom. In between athletic tournaments, sociable card games, and delightful meals for mingling with old friends, you always have someone new to meet and something exciting to see at the Sidelines Suq. The Suq at the 2010 Annuitants Reunion in Orlando, Florida was no exception.

The Sideline Suq invites annuitants a chance to display their accomplishments from both before and after their retirement from Saudi Aramco. Jewelry, pottery, photographs, books, and collections of Arabian artwork are often among the items in the Suq.

Armineh Bezdikian Armineh Bezdikian

Along with souvenirs to purchase, Suq visitors are also able to enjoy the "Coming Home" slide show presented by our good friend and host of the 2009 Saudi Aramco in Kingdom reunion, Ali Al-Baluchi, and Aramco ExPats always has a booth so we can greet our users face to face.

Chairperson Marcia Barham organized the Sidelines Suq at the 2010 Annuitants Reunion in Orlando, Florida.

Juana Johnson Juana Johnson