Aramco Old Timer's Reunion On the left (front to back): Mike Wanty, Doris Wanty, Cliff Flittie, Norah Harriss. On the right (front to back): Empty space for Jean Dell'Oro, Dawn Flittie, Walt Dell'Oro, "Sandy" Sander. Photograph contributed by Nestor "Sandy" Sander.

At noon on Sunday, April 15th, the ‘Very Old’ Old Timers (all in Arabia before 1950) held their annual get-together at the well-decorated El Patio Español in San Francisco. It was a pleasure for the seven of us who were there. And the buffet lunch was scrumptious beyond the most Lucullian of expectations.

As you see, there was an empty chair. Jean Dell’Oro was in pain from arthritis and didn’t feel up to making the long trip from Santa Rosa but Norah Harriss was with us again, for she took AMTRAK from Eugene and stayed with the Flitties in their hillside home with its view of the Golden Gate and its splendid eclectic and interesting collection of curios, mementos and furniture from almost everywhere. We spent the afternoon there exchanging views on the state of the world between, “Do you remember …” George Blakslee in Wisconsin sent his regrets: Too far away at 80+.