Ukaramcon 2nd Reunion 2008

Contributed by Tom Henderson on 9 October 2008

Under: Reunions and Socials
Jimmy Churchill, Eileen Henderson & Carmel Philp at The Beehive Inn for dinner on the Thursday evening. Bob Nickson & Michael Gaynor at The Beehive Inn for dinner on the Thursday evening. Bob Nickson, Ida Davies & Tom Henderson outside Huntswood Golf Club House. Jimmy Churchill, Jean Sullivan, Maureen Rowley & John Brady. Jean Sullivan, Jimmy Churchill & Maureen Rowley beside the 5th Green. Michael Carr, Carla Cressy, Julie Newman & Penny Walker at the Old Windsor, Toby Restaurant in Old Windsor. Carter, Lois & Tony Marsh at Old Windsor Toby Restaurant on the Friday evening. Tricia Ryan, Jean Sullivan & Karen Jennings at Old Windsor Toby Restaurant. Terry Farrell, Sylvia Bertie & Margaret Wheeler at the Old Wndsor Toby Restaurant. Shopping at Windsor Royal Station. Castle Hill Entrance to Winsor Castle. High Street Windsor as seen from open top bus. Eton College Library Karen Jennings sight-seeing Hotel Foyer in front of the Berkshire Suite, Holiday Inn. Tom Henderson introducing Jean Sullivan to Eileen Henderson. Eileen greeting Graham Vizor. Tom welcoming Allan Martin & Janet Scott. Eileen & Tom Henderson greeting Martin Wingrove, Lyn & Jacqui Thomas. Tom greeting Rita & David Howlett. Eileen & Tom, May Brown, Sue Clanchy & Jill Turner with Bob & Ann Nickson & Douglas Golder in the background. Sheila & Michael Gaynor arriving. Eileen & Tom with Christine & Douglas Golder Eileen & Tom with Karen & Barry Bird Tom greeting Jo Phillips, Karen Jennings & Linda Powell. Tom & Eileen welcoming Linda Powell Linda Powell, Karen Jennings & Beverly Reardon Tricia Ryan, Jean Sullivan & Lesley Williams looking at old photos Ladies 1st Group Photo Ladies 2nd Group Photo Michael & Drena Brown waiting in Foyer. Gents Group Photo Table 1 – Martin & Ann Wingrove, Carmel Philp, Eileen Henderson, Jacqui & Lyn Thomas Table 3 – Jill Turner, May Brown, Maureen Rowley, Joe Richardson, Sue Clanchy, Brian & Marian Ebrey. Table 7 – Barbra Pearce, Sylvia Mercer, Rita Gunshon, Carla Cressy, Julie Newman, Joan Adams, Paul Bamber & Michael Carr. Tom Henderson (Host) welcoming everyone to the 2nd Ukaramcons Reunion in celebration of Saudi Aramco’s 75th. Anniversary. Table 2 - Pamela Vizor, Lesley Williams, Linda Powell, Karen Jennings, Tricia Ryan, Jean Sullivan, Judy Enright & Graham Vizor. Martin Wingrove, Regional Oil Spill Response Coordinator & Special Projects for AOC who in his official capacity came along to say a few words on behalf of AOC. Martin Wingrove addressing the Reunion on behalf of AOC. Graham Visor receiving his Commemorative Gift from Ann Wingrove. Jean Sullivan, Judy Enright, Tricia Ryan, Lesley Williams & Linda Powell. Pamela Vizor, Lesley Williams & Karen Jennings at the Reunion dinner. Helen Dawson with one of the prizes, vase of flowers. Michael Buckley, Vicky Carter, David Howlett, Richard Carter standing around Rita Howlett. Michael & Drena Brown who celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary 2 weeks after the reunion. Ann & Martin Wingrove & Lois Marsh after the Reunion dinner.
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