Schuyler and Phyllis Stuckey Enjoy Retirement - Part 3

Contributed by Schuyler and Phyllis Stuckey on 8 November 2005

Under: Community
Schuyler and Phyllis Stuckey . . . Ann and Tom Jesson Schuyler & Phyllis Stuckey . . . The Mark Young Family Schuyler Stuckey with some of his students  Rob Orkney Family Stuckeys and Muncys Matt, Laura (Young), & Caroline Chloe McGirt John and Renee (Young) Abbot June, John, and Russ Cherry Phyllis Stuckey . . . Michelle, Jonathan, Joshua and Brandon Stuckey Brandon and Michelle Stuckey Jonathan Stuckey with new brother, Joshua Teagan Jesson and Bill Jesson Teagan and Tom Jesson Paulette and Mel Misanko Stefan Misanko Jason Greenwald and his fiancé Paulette, Connie and Phyllis
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