Photo of the Week - Summer 2018

Contributed by Bert Seal, The Arabian Sun, Mihir Manek, Ahmed M. Awad, Fred Bobb, Arvid Koris on 6 June 2018

Under: Photo of the Week
Window Shopping in Al Khobar - 1957 Aramco President Fred Davies talks to King ibn Saud in the Dhahran Dinning Hall in the 1950's From the Edge of the World Camels at Al Shahaniya Some of the First Geologists in the Kingdom Jakki Koris with Sue HigginsThe Beauty of Home Dhahran v. Abqaiq Basketball - 1957 The Four Aramco Ghutrah Amigos - Check Out Those Ties! Jakki Koris with Sue Higgins Reading Time at Dhahran Elementary School in 1957 Main Street in Hofuf; ca 1956
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