Photo of the Week - Spring 2023

Contributed by Aramco ExPats, Judy MacDonnell, Tim Sandin, Catherine Queffard, Mohammed Muqeeth, Mana Alabbas, David Karbach, The Arabian Sun, Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Jeffrey Reppun on 1 March 2023

Under: Photo of the Week
Dhahran BMX Track and Skate Park - 2004 Sailing in Ras Tanura - 1994 East and West Express Ben Mayeri Copper Tray Retirees Honored at the 2023 KSA Reunion Greetings from Mana Alabbas David Karbach at Gara Caves with Abbas Baghli Sunrise Stroll in Ras Tanura Performing Umrah - 2018 1970s Abqaiq Social The New Al-Midra Recreation Center Dhahran
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