Photo of the Week - Fall 2023

Contributed by All McKeegan, Al McKeegan, Aramco ExPats, Sirajulla Khan, Dr. David Giles, Grady Gaston Early, Mimi Wixted, Arabian Sun, Jane Archer, The Stevens Family, Azzam El-Tarahony on 2 September 2023

Under: Photo of the Week
Power House Control Room - 1956 Trip to Half Moon Bay Around Town in Bahrain Sirajulla Khan Receives Life Time Achievement Award David Giles Earns Doctorate of Ministry with Distinction Around Town in the 1950s Dhahran Road Runners Marathon An operator fills a truck with LPG - 1996. Spotted in Indiana, USA Ras Tanura Sport Rally Tug of War - 1992 Azzam El-Tarahony Recognized for 15 Years of Service
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