Photo of the Week - Fall 2020

Contributed by Mohammed Baig, The Arabian Sun, Ken Trousdell, Inger T. LeSage, Jacqueline Driver, Paul Palmer, Charlie Franck, Aramco ExPats on 2 September 2020

Under: Photo of the Week
Alfred E. Sullivan and Mohammed Baig - 1982 Aramco Conducts Finger Dexterity Tests in 1952 2019 Al Hasa Tour by Ken Trousdell 1981 Girl Scout Calendar Dhahran Garden and Flower Festival 2012 Ras Tanura from the Air - 1979 Dhahran The Family Issue Store in 1955 Dhahran Middle School 2007 Walkathon 1979 Aerial View of Aramco's Admin Buildings Meeting the King
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