"Home: The Aramco Brats' Story" Hollywood Premier

Contributed by Todd Nims on 7 August 2007

Under: Community
Brody Wixted Talking with Executive Producer Zachery Nims Actor Aishish Patel and friends Actor Gabe Al-Raihi, Director Todd Nims, and writer Nathan Director/Producer Todd Speaks Before Premier Youth for Human Rights Public Service Announcement Hollywood Actor Jason Burghorn and Musical Director Hans Stockenberg Todd Nims with friends David Elliot and Annie Cobetto Interviews before premier Sue Waters and husband Michael Nebrija, David Elliot and special guest Mary Pat and Cherry Nims Mary Pat, Cherry Nims, Benjamin Wilson and Don Nims Todd Nims, former classmate Captain Woody Thompson, and Woody's wife Cori Sejia Murphy reunites with Aramco Brat Hollywood Actor Gabriel Justice Bill and Barbara McWood Karen Hanson Fallon and friends
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