Bringing hope: Images from Student's Trip to Hungary

Contributed by Charlie Franck on 7 August 2006

Under: Community
Friends pose for photo at dinner Resting in the shade Tough girls Struggling to raise a heavy frame Preparing to strike Resting in contemplation Raising the frame Students begin to feel the heat Putting up a wall Raising the frame (1) Girls show their muscles Posing with a sledgehammer A group of happy students stand proudly with their work. Half-way there! Posing in the sidecar Raising the frame (2) Drink Milk Students pose at dinner Girls show off their work A Student takes a break for dinner Hammering away Resting on the beams Posing with the beams Girls hard at work Gearing up to hammer Proudly posing with the Habitat logo Careful Measurements Measure twice, cut once Out to Dinner Student takes a quick break Happy Hammering Students relax after hard work Working to raise walls Admiring hardy craftsmanship Banging away Posing with a motorcycle Fun at dinner Celebrating a job well done Friends take a break for a photo
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