2006 Annuitant's Reunion - Part 8

Contributed by Aramco ExPats on 30 June 2006

Under: Reunions and Socials
Mary Ann Hostetler, Duane and Joan Williams Chris Fields, Bill Hostetler, and Jon Foster Preston Lamp and Wendy Mouat Bill Walker and Dick San Miguel Melanie & Michael Jurlando and Bill & M.A. Holmes Louis Anderson, Jane Studebaker, and Lee Biggerstaff Tom Padgett and Adele Tavares Dick Rhoades and Ray Stevens Frank & JudiCorts, Dave Griffith, and ? Mrs. Grignon, Fred Aslan and Warren Kelley Jane and Jary Archer, and Sue Foster Mary Stephens, Christine Putnam, and Errol Thompson ?, Leonard Gonzales, Carol Quayle, and Carol James Fleming and John Quayle Kay Taylor, Byron Taylor, and Dave Hinz Bill Klingman and Collins Brooks Victoria Fernando ? and Joel Prevost (?) Sue Foster, Sharon Green, and Darlene Dowell Edmund Dymicki and David Ainsley Annuitant Bob Berg Wins Grand Prize Betty Berg Claims Grand Prize ! Helen Geerhold, Isabel Lee and Karen Rhodes
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