2006 Annuitant's Reunion - Part 5

Contributed by Aramco ExPats, Aramco Expats on 19 June 2006

Under: Reunions and Socials
Jack Meyer Sharon Green, Bert Golding, Colleen Colligeros Owen Oxley, Otillia Ferriera (former DH teacher) with sister Justina Ferriera Dale and Huynh Saner David Smelser Merle Wideman, Curtis Wideman, and Wayne Powell Marilyn Small, Dottye Hulsberg, and Gerda Hill Marjorie Clark and Rich Estell Dick Maise and Laney Littlejohn Mary Stephens, Christine Putnam, and Errol Thompson Wiley McMinn and Hutch Hutchison Laney Littlejohn Jocie Kaufeler and Leonard Gonzales Frank Callom And William Dobyns ? And David Ainsley Byron, Jackie Ohler, Gene Quarterson, and ? ?, Jack Meyer, and ? ?, Marlo Goff, and Sally Aslan Friends Sisters Otillia and Justina Ferriera Ric Putnam and Errol Thompson ?, Kay Taylor, Byron Taylor, and ? ? And Bill Klingman Greeting Friends
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