Wilfred M. Jones

Deceased: 23 March 1960

Under: Obituary

Mrs. Wilfred M. Jones, for whom funeral services were held last Saturday in Dhahran, had been a resident of Dhahran since June, 1949. She was born in Copenhagen, the daughter of a United States State Department official. She spent her childhood in Denmark with occasional trips to the United States. She remained a resident of Copenhagen until the German occupation in early 1940.

During the World War II years she worked as an employee of the American Red Cross in Washington, D. C. In 1945 she went to Cairo as a code clerk for the United States State Department. It was there she met Wilfred M. Jones to whom she was married in 1948 in Arlington, Va.

She arrived in Saudi Arabia the following year. Surviving Mrs. Jones are her widower, their son, Robert Gordon, 7, a sister, Miss Evy Lee, of Washington, D.C., and two uncles, Oscar and Thorkil Schou-Christensen of Copenhagen. [Photograph]

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