Romus Eugene Arnold, 30, Donald Eugene Brooks, 27, and Robert D. Fraser, 30

Deceased: 30 December 1959

Under: Obituary

Three American employees of Aramco, Romus Eugene Arnold, 30, Donald Eugene Brooks, 27, and Robert D. Fraser, 30 were killed Wednesday, Dec. 30, in the crash of a Beaver aircraft in the rugged desert terrain of southern Rub al-Khali. This was the first fatal accident in 16 years of Aramco aviation operations.

The small single-engine plane crashed while landing near a remote exploration rig which was being moved in convoy to a new location. The plane was one of several used by Aramco to carry men and supplies to exploration camps in outlying areas some of which are not easily accessible by land transport.

Arnold, pilot of the aircraft, joined Aramco Aug. 28, 1958, and arrived in Saudi Arabia Sept. 1 of that year. Before joining Aramco he served as a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army, and later as a civilian flight instructor. He is survived by an aunt, Mrs. A. B. McBride of 429 Poplar St. Carthage, Mo.

Brooks, an exploration driller, joined Aramco May 5, 1958, and arrived in Saudi Arabia a week later. Brooks is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Brooks of 712 Lariat Lane, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Fraser, a geologist, joined Aramco July 12, 1954, and arrived in Saudi Arabia January 17, 1955. Fraser, whose home was Detroit, Mich., received a B.S. degree in geology from Michigan State College in 1954. While still in school, he worked for Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co., and the Michigan Geological Survey, Department of Conservation. He is survived by his widow, Prabha Asar, and daughters Moni Jean, 5 and Lisa L., 1 1/2, and his parents Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Fraser of Detroit.

Funeral services were held in Dhahran Monday, Jan. 4. [Photographs of all three]

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