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Deceased: 31 December 2021

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Robert (Bob) Allen

Robert (Bob) Allen, 74, passed away at home on Dec. 31, 2021. He was born in Washington, D.C. to Arthur and Rose Mary Allen. His father worked for the State Department as a Middle Eastern diplomat. When his father served as American Consul General in Dhahran, in the mid-60’s, Bob met his future wife, Janice Cyr. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1970 he entered the U.S. Army, beginning Helicopter Flight Training before going to Vietnam. It was during that time that he married Janice. After the stint in the Army, he worked for Safeco Insurance Company as an underwriter. Five years later (1979) he was hired by Aramco and was on his way back to Dhahran with Janice and their son, Paul, in tow. He worked in Insurance and Finance for 21 years, where he helped Aramco modernize their insurance division, saving them significant time and money.

During Bob’s time in Dhahran he coached and volunteered in his son’s baseball and soccer teams; became a fixture in bowling and racketball leagues; and played in the softball league both locally and in Dubai tournaments, where his fearless baserunning often left opposing defenses befuddled. An enthusiastic skier, Bob and family regularly joined Dhahran Outing Group ski trips to Europe, where he appointed himself chief videographer of all the trip’s races, wipeouts, celebrations, and related shenanigans.

In December 2000 he and wife Janice retired and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona allowing them to be closer to family. Moving stateside did nothing to slow down their travels, where they continued to join their friends across the globe, including reuniting with relatives from Texas, schoolmates from Turkey and Virginia Tech, colleagues from Saudi Arabia, and comrades from the Army. Their lives slowed down when he was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia, which ultimately took his life. Janice remained his caregiver, with the help of family and Hospice of the Valley, until the end, and Bob was fortunate to pass at home.

An avid entertainer, Big Bob was the first on the dance floor and last to leave, and his outgoing nature always ensured everyone felt included, from the shyest wallflower to the most gregarious extrovert. A caring and loving husband and father, he supported Janice and Paul in all their endeavors large and small. Family, friends and colleagues will all remember his big smile, his strong hugs and handshakes, and the boisterous laugh you could hear far across a crowded room. They will also be unable to forget his birthday - August 16 - which he reveled in bringing up at the slightest provocation.

Bob is survived by his wife Janice, son Paul and his wife Jennifer, sister Sheri, brother Trigger and his wife Sherri, Janice’s sister Wendy and her husband Karl, nephew Kai, and nieces Sara, Laura, and Leah.

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