Ghazi Mahfouz Nassar

Deceased: 31 July 2023

Under: Obituary

The family of Ghazi Mahfouz Nassar announce his passing on July 31, 2023 after a long battle with heart disease.

Born in Jaffa, Palestine and a refugee from the 1948 Arab Israeli war, Nassar went to college in Cairo, Egypt and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the American University of Cairo. He married his wife Sylvia, and began his career with Aramco in 1961.

Nassar had been with Aramco for 27 years in the Career Development Department. He started as an ITC teacher, became a supervisor of Curriculum and Testing, and retired in 1988 with a Special Projects post in the Career Development Department. Upon retiring, Nassar moved with his wife Sylvia, to White Rock, British Columbia in Canada.

He is survived by his wife Sylvia, his three children Dina Nassar Guillen, Sami Nassar, and Lamia Nassar Epperson, and his four grandchildren, Andrew Guillen, Braeden Epperson, Mason Epperson, and Leila Epperson.

Correspondence may be sent to Sylvia at 15545 Buena Vista Avenue, White Rock, BC V4B1Y9 Canada, or at

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