Ferdinand Wellman

19 March 1932 - 6 September 2023

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Ferdinand Wellman

Ferdinand "Jim" Wellman, born March 19, 1932, in Lafayette, Indiana, passed away peacefully on September 6, 2023. A man of exemplary character and versatility, Jim's life was marked by service, ingenuity, and a profound love for his community and family.

A proud veteran, Jim served in the United States Marine Corps before pursuing academic studies. He earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, which laid the groundwork for a memorable career.

In 1990, Jim relocated to Saudi Arabia to work with Saudi Aramco, initially in Material Supply and later in Northern Area Design Services within Project Management, before retiring in 1993. Jim engaged in various Aramco activities. He was a member of one of the oldest Aramco self-directed groups, the simulated sports society. During weekends, he enjoyed sailing on Half Moon Bay and avidly supported the Aramco girls' softball league in the 1980s.

Above all, Jim's time at Aramco was characterized by enduring friendships, which he held in equal esteem to his family relationships. He is survived by his wife, Mary; son, Fred; daughter, Tracy; siblings, Mary-Louise, Dave, and Ellen; five grandchildren, Lauren, Jennifer, Melissa, Jessica, and Cameron; and one great-grandson, Oliver-James.

Jim leaves behind a legacy of unbounded affection for his loved ones. He will be deeply missed and lovingly remembered.

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