Clayton B. Brady

Deceased: 22 August 1957

Under: Obituary

Funeral services were held Sunday, Aug. 25, in Dhahran for Clayton B. Brady, 50, Record Center Custodian, who died Thursday morning, Aug. 22, of a cardiac ailment in Dhahran Health Center.

Brady first came to Saudi Arabia in November, 1946, after a long and varied career in the oil industry. He served a five-year apprenticeship with Wilbur Schofield Co., in Pennsylvania before starting out on his own as an independent oil well drilling contractor in 1936. After that he worked with Bell Aircraft Co., in Puerto Rico, transferring then to civil service work for the U.S. Navy in 1943. There he was a foreman in charge of a Puerto Rican crew for the U.S. Navy Yards and Docks.

At the end of World War II he went to work as Industrial Sales Engineer for Cities Service Oil Co., where he stayed for one year before joining Aramco.

Surviving is his widow, Vivian Vance Brady.

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