Audrey A. Hickman

Deceased: 22 January 2022

Under: Obituary

Audrey Hickman passed away peacefully the evening of January 22, 2022. Over the last few years of her life, she lived in Austin, TX close to her family.

She was the older of two daughters born to Edward and Hermine Jamgotchian. She was born in New York City, NY. She grew up on Long Island, NY where she developed a life-long passion for equestrian riding.

After graduating from Mineola High School in New Hyde Park, NY, she attended CW Post College (now Long Island University) in Brookeville, NY. Audrey worked as a flight attendant for Sabena Airlines and flew to Europe weekly. Subsequently, she lived in Thailand and then Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, she worked for ARAMCO.

In 1971, she gave birth to a son, Roger Hickman and settled in Denver, Colorado. She worked for Exxon for over twenty years and retired at the age of sixty-five. In her last years with Exxon, she moved to Spring, TX and retired there. She continued to enjoy horseback riding and traveling.

Audrey is survived by her son Roger Hickman, her daughter in law Kasey Hickman, her grandsons, Everett and Gibson, and her sister Stella Jamgotchian. She always put her family first and will be remembered as a warm, kind and generous person.

Memorial contributions can be sent to the EQUUS Foundation.

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