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Turkey Discovery Tour

Aramco ExPats Travel Club | Istanbul Discovery Tour

July 16 – 24, 2021
1 "L" Days

We are ready to announce once again a tour to Turkey. This nine day tour will cover Turkey from Istanbul in the West to Cappadocia in the East. Four days in Istanbul will give us time to visit the Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Topkapa Palace, the Grand Bazaar, and a boat ride on the Bosphorus. A visit to the Roman ruins of Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the House of the Virgin Mary will fill a full days touring on our trip. Pamukkale with its travertine formations and ruins will excite any Aramco geologist. Konya is the site of Rumi’s tomb, the founder of the Sufi sect, and will add to your knowledge of Islam. Our last destination is Cappadocia, a land of rock churches and underground cities. This one will fill up fast.

Cost approximately $ 1,950 adult sharing. Contact Lou Spencer at [email protected] or Bob Hawken at [email protected].

This trip is not sponsored by Aramco ExPats or any Saudi Aramco organization.


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