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Many Aramcons find themselves asking the question...

"Why Reilly Financial Advisors? Don't I get everything I need from Vanguard?"

While Reilly Financial Advisors does not compete with the specific services that Vanguard provides to Saudi Aramco employees, we feel that we do compliment their investment offering by:

  • Encouraging Saudi Aramco employees to take full advantage of the Aramco Savings Plan, managed by Vanguard
  • Helping Aramcons understand all of the benefits available to them (beyond the Savings Plan), and promote a fuller understanding, and use, of those benefits
  • Focusing on assisting Saudi Aramco employees with the personal and financial transition that follows retirement from Aramco.

And we can provide additional value that they cannot;

  • An Asset Allocation recommendation for the Saving Plan specific for your financial situation
  • A direct recommendation of how much you should save pre-tax vs. after tax

RFA has developed a unique, highly specialized understanding of the specific needs and particular financial challenges facing employees following final repatriation. The vast majority of our Aramco clients and their immediate family remain with RFA throughout their lives, while frequently maintaining a paired relationship with Vanguard. Our client turnover rate among such clients averages less than 1% per year, and is evidence of the value we provide.

In some cases, Vanguard may provide everything an Aramcon needs. But, in many instances, RFA provides something more; a unique, specialized, and personalized source for information and services that can make all the difference between achieving financial security or failing to.

Investment advice coupled with:

  • Financial Planning
  • Expert Tax Services
  • Investment Research
  • Financial Analysis & Retirement Planning
  • Professional Portfolio Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Coordinated Estate Planning

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