Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy
Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy is an independent, international, Utah boarding school where students grades 7-12 from across the U.S. and 36 countries find their own unique ways of learning and living.

Maintaining a highly attentive and supportive culture where students exchange global perspectives, Wasatch Academy employs the Schools attuned approach to teaching, guiding each student to the individual ways he or she learns best.

Surrounded by views of the majestic Wasatch mountain range and five spectacular national parks close by, the school offers a comprehensive outdoor and extracrurricular program that provides unlimited outlets for students' energy, creativity, and sense of adventure.

Graduating with newfound capabilities, ready to enter university with illuminated awareness of how and why they learn, Wasatch Academy alumni bring personally informed and inspired perspectivies to 21st-century global realities.

Wasatch Academy

As a Wasatch Academy student, your son lives in close community with his peers and his hours parents, dedicated adults who don't divide their time between teaching and their house duties but rather devote all their energies to ensuring each Wasatch Academy student feels at home away from home. Living independently with a roomate, your student learns self-reliance and communication skills, and grows to appreciate different perspectives as he shares experiences with classmates from all over the world.

At Wasatch Academy, each student grows into herself because we extend the care and the space for her to learn, mature, and find her own way of doing things. Your student leaves here ready for college, ready for reality, and ready to go even more places, thanks to fire rewarding years at Wasatch Academy.

Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy

120 S. 100 W.
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647
Office 1: (435) 462-1400 | Office 2: (800) 634-4690
Fax: (435) 462-1450
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