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A few weeks ago, a friendly Texan reached out to me to help him notarize his closing documents online. He wanted to complete them virtually because he was in Bahrain. He told me that getting into the consulate to notarize a stack of documents was an expensive hassle he would prefer to avoid. Plus, the overnight shipping of the paper docs would cost more than the entire online notarization session!

We signed his seller's package together online in a little less than 45 minutes. We emailed the complete package to his title company (no shipping needed). His sale was able to close the same day. He received the wired proceeds from the title company less than 24 hours later. His escrow officer even emailed us both to say a special thanks for helping get the file over the finish line without any delay!

My new Texan friend emailed me the next day and said, "Hey, you should advertise with Aramco Expats!"

So that's the story of how I discovered Aramco Expats. And the rest is history!

Back in 2018, Texas passed the law authorizing online notarization. Notarizing documents online is faster, more efficient, and many times even more secure than an in-person notarization. I notarize documents every day from my home office in College Station, Brazos County, Texas. The Signers can be located anywhere in the world. One Signer can be in Vietnam, another in Saudi Arabia, and another in Argentina. As long as everyone has fast, steady internet, the possibilities are truly endless.

From seller's packages to affidavits, from pension docs to powers of attorney, your documents can be notarized online. The next time you need a document notarized, remember TexasOnlineNotary.com. Offering fast, professional notarizations 100% online.

Texas Online Notary

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