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Are you just burning to get out into the world and find your place in it? Then you have a lot in common with our students. That's because SMUS is more than a school: it's a culture. Surround yourself with people who are as passionate about going places as you are. Broaden your perspective by living and studying with peers who came to Victoria from countries around the world to get the education they want. Gain independence by taking responsibility for your learning and your life.

Your possibilities are endless and we will help you explore them all. Here are just some of the ways you can go places with SMUS.

St. Michaels University School
  1. Go In Depth
    Have you ever been so curious about something that you wanted to get right into that subject and follow it as far as you could go? SMUS will do that to you. Often.

Focus on academics

  • SMUS was ranked first in Canada in Advanced Placement Equity and Excellence by the College Board:
    1. 27 AP (university level) courses
    2. 40% of SMUS students write at least one AP exam
    3. SMUS students achieve grades of 3, 4 or 5 much  more frequently than the  world average
  • 44% of SMUS faculty have graduate degrees
  • The average SMUS class size is 18 students
St. Michaels University School

A day at SMUS

07:30 Enjoy breakfast with fellow boarders
08:05 Perfect guitar solo in Band 10
09:45 Dissect a starfish in AP Biology 11
10:50 Plan a concert with Arts Council
11:50 Eat lunch during a tutorial
01:00 Recite a poem in English 10
02:00 Build a catapult in Physics 11
03:30 Soccer practice
05:00 Dinner
07:00 Use prep time to study for AP exams
09:00 Work out in the fitness centre
09:30 Email friends from home
10:30 Lights out

St. Michaels University School
  1. Go to Victoria
    Victoria is a great mix of big city/small town. Like a big city, Victoria has great restaurants, unique shopping, art galleries, sports teams and major concerts. Like a small town, everything is close, people are friendly, and you feel comfortable and safe walking around.

A great location

  • The city transit bus that runs by the SMUS campus can get you to concert halls and museums in less than 30 minutes.
  • Victoria is home to high-performance national training centres for rowing, cycling, middle distance running and triathlon.
  • Victoria International Airport is a 25-minute drive from our campus and offers direct service to several Canadian and US destinations. Vancouver International Airport - a major hub - is a 15-minute flight away while Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle is a 25-minute flight.
St. Michaels University School
  1. Go Outdoors
    There's a whole other classroom out there, where the subjects are tides, seasons, weather, plants, and wildlife. Some lessons you can only learn through experience.

Outside comfort zones

  • Vancouver Island is one of the few places in the world where you can go kayaking and downhill skiing on the same day.
  • Every student in Grades 9-11 participates in week-long outdoor trips.
  • SMUS' experiential program takes students out of the classroom for a full term of hands-on learning.
St. Michaels University School
  1. Go On Stage
    Is there such a thing as a born performer? We're not sure, but we do know that even some of the shyest people have found their voice at SMUS as well as the opportunity to share it.

The spotlight

  • The yearly musical involves more than 200 Senior School students.
  • Musicians and voice students get at least two major concert performance opportunities each year.
  • The SMUS Student Theatre Society stages two plays each year and is entirely student-run.
St. Michaels University School
  1. Go to the Game
    SMUS athletics teams do well. But we try not to lose sight of the fact that to play is good, to win is better, but to love the game is the best.

Join the team

  • SMUS Athletics offers 23 sports - 15 at the competitive level - including basketball, cricket, golf, rowing, rugby and soccer.
  • Students who want to play for fun have 15 intramural activities to choose from.
  • Twenty-nine SMUS grads have represented Canada on national teams in 10 sports.



St. Michaels University School
  1. Go Around the World
    Immerse yourself in global culture here on campus, where you're exposed to different languages and perspectives, or during one of many international travel opportunities.

Getting around

  • SMUS students come from more than 20 countries around the world.
  • Travel opportunities include service trips, culture and language tours, international conferences, exchanges and study abroad programs.
St. Michaels University School
  1. Go Outside Yourself
    Helping people is one of the most educational experiences you can have. Use your talents and passion to create positive change, at home and everywhere else.

In the community

  • The SMUS service program encourages students to set a goal for volunteering and connects them with service opportunities in the community.
  • SMUS organizes international service trips every year, such as the annual visit to the Hope of a Child Orphanage in the Dominican Republic.
St. Michaels University School
  1. Go Inward
    Who are you really? Who do you want to be? What do you want to bring to the world? Each student SMUS welcomes brings a world of potential waiting to be uncovered.

Get involved

  • The SMUS leadership program immerses students in curricular and extra-curricular activities that emphasize principles of leadership, global responsibility, sustainability, outdoor education and service.
St. Michaels University School
  1. Go Home
    You'll find that living in one of our three boarding houses is just like being home - a home much closer to school, that you share with 80 brothers and sisters and four sets of parents, with hundreds of cousins living next door.

Home away from home

  • Each room accommodates two students and has a bathroom with a shower and a bed, desk, closet and drawers for each student.
  • The common rooms each have a full kitchen, computers, games tables and a television
  • Brown Hall, the school's dining room, serves three meals a day as well as snacks at recess and in the evenings.



St. Michaels University School
  1. Go Further
    SMUS gives you the desire and the ability to go further: in university, in your career, in your life. Your experiences here are just the beginning. What are you waiting for? Go!

Above and beyond

  • The University Counselling office is staffed with professionals ready to help you realize your post-secondary dreams.
  • SMUS graduating classes routinely earn acceptances to US Ivy League colleges and prestigious international universities, with over $1 million in scholarship offers annually.
  • SMUS alumni include an NBA MVP, a frequent flier on Air Force One, an Emmy-award winning animator and a co-founder of Flickr.
St. Michaels University School

What Our Students Say

To me the thought of going to SMUS seemed to be a daring and bold adventure; something I couldn't wait to do. …I wanted more out of school but the only way to get it was to scrape up some courage and leave my hometown.

It is just awesome to be here: I'm surrounded by people from all over the world every day, my teachers are amazing and my courses very interesting!

My experience at SMUS has been the best three years of my life. I don't just live at a school; I live in a community that is supportive, fun and dynamic.

Coming here was the best decision of my life."

St. Michaels University School

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