Riverside Military Academy

Riverside Military Academy
Riverside Military Academy

Riverside Military Academy has been education young men for over a century – since 1907. It is one of the nation's premier all-boys college preparatory schools. Serving young men in grades 7-12, the diverse Corps of Cadets consists of more than 530 cadets from 27 countries.

Riverside’s beautiful 206 acre campus sits on the shores of Lake Lanier in the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains. It’s located in the suburban community of Gainesville, Georgia, which is only a 50 minute drive from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Learn more About Riverside.

The Academy’s distinctive military structure, academic and athletic programs, and leadership and character development enhance the overall educational experience while producing young men of character, sound judgment, and commitment. Riverside develops the whole person, which is reflected in the school motto: "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano" (Sound Mind in a Sound Body).

Riverside Military Academy

Young men who benefit from structure and challenge as well as above-average students who are striving to gain admission to top notch colleges and universities are welcomed at Riverside. Each year, Riverside graduates earn millions of dollars in collegiate scholarships to prestigious universities around the world.

Although it is an Army JROTC affiliated school, Riverside cadets are NOT required to enter military service following graduation.

Riverside Military Academy holds dual accreditation from the Southern Association of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Riverside is also a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States.

Riverside Military Academy


The Mission of Riverside Military Academy is to prepare ethical young men of character for success in college and in life through the provision of a rigorous academic program, leadership opportunities, competitive athletics, extensive co-curricular activities, and the structure and discipline inherent in a military preparatory school environment.

Riverside Military Academy

Teaching Boys

Riverside Military Academy understands the way boys learn and what motivates them to excel. The Academy’s single gender classrooms and boarding school environment offer powerful advantages such as fewer distractions, more open discussions, smaller class sizes, curriculum and lessons that engage young men, and individual opportunities to help each one achieve his maximum potential in every academic area.

Scientific research confirms what parents and educators have known for a long time — there are differences in the ways boys and girls learn and interact with others. Riverside has designed its program, including the daily academic schedule, around the way boys learn and retain information.

Each activity-filled day at Riverside is structured around young men and their development. The books selected for reading assignments are chosen based on their appeal to boys. The academic classes are 50 minutes in length versus 90 minute classes in many schools. Shorter classes fit the way boys learn. The teachers incorporate hands-on lessons so that boys can be active participants in the learning process. This is a school of all boys, all about boys, every day.

The Academy's dedicated Guidance and College Counselors help every student to set goals in each grade level while planning for college or career following graduation. The teaching faculty supervises evening and weekend study sessions where students have the opportunity to receive additional guidance on individual assignments. Riverside's faculty and staff convey to these young men the importance of time management skills, self-discipline, teamwork, and pride in a job well done.

During these critical formative years when a young man's character, confidence, and work ethic are forever shaped, Riverside provides the foundation to help him flourish. The faculty and staff see cadets grow from impressionable boys into mature, confident leaders every day.

Riverside Military Academy

Character Development

Riverside Military Academy has a focus that is unique compared to other schools. Emphasis is placed on character development, social responsibility, integrity, leadership skills, and other time-honored values that are simply not found in most schools today.

Character development is comprehensive at Riverside. The Academy’s Norman P. Blake Family Distinguished Speaker Series includes bi-weekly distinguished speakers and discussion groups that center on the topics of integrity, leadership, ethical decision-making, and sound judgment.

Riverside Military Academy


Active learning opportunities are incorporated into Riverside’s shorter class periods because that is how boys learn best. Scholarly competence and intellectual curiosity are fostered in a supportive and challenging environment. In addition to the course material covered in each class, Riverside faculty members teach cadets organization, time management, and study skills to build a solid foundation in academics.

Riverside introduces middle school students to the fine arts and foreign language opportunities they will have available to them in high school. All middle school cadets participate in a class that rotates quarterly through two languages and two fine arts courses each year.

College preparatory and college-level courses are offered for young men in high school who are ready for a more rigorous challenge. Riverside offers advanced placement and honors classes in various subject areas.

Riverside’s foreign language department offers a Chinese (Mandarin) Studies Program provides an exciting opportunity for cadets to gain an edge in the world of international business, government, and related fields. The courses are designed to provide a foundation in Chinese (Mandarin) language, history, and culture while earning foreign language credit and HSK certification. Courses are also offered in the French, Latin, and Spanish languages.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered from beginner to advanced level for non-native English-speaking cadets. Teachers focus on building the cognitive academic language proficiency so cadets may excel in their academic courses and ACT/SAT college entrance exams. Riverside also offers a Summer School Program that includes a Cultural Immersion option for foreign language cadets.

Over 70% of Riverside’s teaching faculty hold advanced degrees, master's level or higher.

The teachers post grades and comments on the Academy’s website each week where parents can login to receive constant updates on the progress of their cadet.

Riverside Military Academy's structure allows young men to concentrate on the work at hand while preparing them for a lifetime of success!

Riverside Military Academy


Riverside Athletics currently offers 13 varsity level sports such as Lacrosse, golf, swimming, wrestling, crew/rowing, soccer, tennis, football, baseball, and basketball with many also represented in JV programs. Several Club Sports are also offered to cadets including fencing, sailing, and fishing clubs.

The Academy's athletic department offers prep sports for 7th & 8th grade athletes. Riverside's middle school athletic program is focused on instruction, skills development, and sportsmanship.

Riverside's Maginnis Field is a football field surrounded by a quarter-mile rubber track and is used for multiple sports as well as parades. Adjacent to Maginnis Field is Riverside's tennis complex with eight lighted tennis courts. The field house at Maginnis Field features large locker rooms for home and visiting teams, a physical therapy facility, and a press box.

Riverside Military Academy

Katterjohn Field’s baseball complex features a press box, concession stand, dugouts, and bleachers. The Lacrosse field is lighted and serves as a football practice field during the off-season for Lacrosse. Riverside's soccer teams have a dedicated field with press box on the north end of campus.

Riverside's Curtis Hall houses a weight training complex, a spacious gymnasium, an indoor air rifle range, locker rooms, and a concession stand.

The John L. Beaver Field House serves Riverside’s wrestling team and also features amenities including an indoor track, retractable bleachers, and 25 ft. rappel wall that support indoor training for other sports.

Riverside's natatorium houses an impressive indoor swimming pool that has served as the site for many area swim meets over the years.

Riverside Military Academy

JROTC Program

Riverside’s 9th-12th grade cadets are also instructed in LET (Leadership Education Training) classes as part of the curriculum. The U.S. Army's Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or JROTC, teaches high school students the value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork, and self-discipline.

Participation in a JROTC program does not require military service in college or beyond. However, students who are interested in military careers have been able to use their experience at Riverside to successfully obtain ROTC scholarships for college.

Riverside Military Academy

Cadet Life

The majority of Riverside's Corps of Cadets reside on campus, so the cadet experience transcends the classroom and reaches into all areas of cadet life. Riverside's barracks complex is divided into company units, each housing 40-50 students. All companies are supervised around the clock by Riverside TAC (Teacher/Advisor/Counselor) Officers.

Students from diverse geographic, ethnic, and social backgrounds live, study, and play together. They create enduring bonds connecting them not only to their classmates, but also to Riverside alumni around the world. Each interaction with their peers is a learning opportunity that builds lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories for these cadets.

Cadets enjoy hanging out in Riverside’s cadet grill — the Goomba Grill — where they can watch television, buy snacks, or play billiards, ping-pong, foosball, and other games. An array of extracurricular activities provides opportunities for these talented young men to explore their interests and cultivate their skills in areas such as the Arts, computer technology, Scouting, debate team, flight training, music, and strength conditioning. The Academy provides frequent weekend activities for including mall trips, movies, canoe races on Lake Lanier, airsoft, Six Flags, World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, and more.

The cadets are encouraged to volunteer for community service projects in Hall County and surrounding areas as well as in the cadets' hometowns during furloughs. Annually, Riverside cadets generously volunteer over 2000 hours of their time to community service organizations.

Riverside Military Academy

Summer Programs

As part of Riverside Military Academy's summer Leadership Education Adventure Development (L.E.A.D.) program, young men strengthen their academic skills with a quality education in a single gender, small class setting. Class sizes are small for individualized attention, hands-on activities, and an active learning environment.

In addition to the academic program, a unique aspect of the L.E.A.D. Academy is leadership training through adventure. Students acquire lifelong leadership skills through a challenging activities program and opportunities to gain leadership skills from exemplary role models. Activities include rappel training, map reading and hiking, water survival techniques, first aid, team building activities, kayaking and canoeing, and more.

Riverside’s outstanding dormitory, academic, and recreational facilities create an exceptional place to enjoy the summer while earning academic credit!

Riverside Military Academy


The Riverside Military Academy Admissions Office operates on a rolling admissions policy which means cadets can be accepted until the last two months of the school year. However, Riverside encourages families considering fall semester enrollment to submit an application early since the Academy is near capacity. Riverside accepts applicants into grades 7-12 on the basis of school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and the Academy's ability to meet the individual needs of that student. View tuition and fees.

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