Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Notre-Dame International High School is a private American boarding and day school located in Verneuil-sur-Seine, in the Yvelines, 38km west from Paris city center (France).

Notre-Dame International High School is integrated to Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux, a prestigious French High School with a long history of excellence in the very competitive private high school system. We are privileged to be part of this rich history and look forward to helping our students make the most of both school systems: French and American.

The American section provides bilingual, college preparatory academics to students in grades 9 through 12 and is made up of international students from all over the world. Notre-Dame International High School is an international boarding school, but also offers French homestays for further French cultural immersion. The school introduces an exciting opportunity for non-French speakers to learn the French language and culture while attending an American High School curriculum held in English.

We invite you to visit our school in France and see the great potential which exists in the world’s future international community!

Notre-Dame International High School Paris


Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux was established in 1929 at the site of the Château de Verneuil by the Congregation of Notre Dame. The school is located in the heart of a beautiful historical park of 13 hectares, with gardens and several century old trees.

The Château de Verneuil has a history going back to the 16th century when it was occupied by French families of nobility up until the French Revolution. The Château was abandoned in the years following the Revolution but was reclaimed by one of its legitimate heirs, Hervé de Tocqueville in 1802. As the son of Hervé de Tocqueville, the famous political thinker and historian, Alexis de Tocqueville spent his adolescence at the Château. The Château also welcomed the great French writer, Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand, while under ownership by the Tocqueville family. In 1817 the property was sold and had various owners until 1929, when the Château was purchased by the Congregation of Notre Dame. The Church itself is recognized as an historical monument.

Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Verneuil-sur-Seine, located on the River Seine, is “a town on the countryside”, offering all facilities of a residential town, the proximity of Paris, but also a rich natural environment, with parks, gardens, forest, rivers and lakes. From 1000 inhabitants in 1930, Verneuil has grown to 15 000 inhabitants today. This former village became a real town close to the city center of Paris. The town is “young”, with 57% of the inhabitants aged less than 39 years old; culture is a must, with a facility dedicated to dance (Espace Maurice Béjart) and regular cultural events. A swimming pool, a skate park, soccer fields, tennis fields and a Riding Camp, as well as trekking facilities are offered.

The French school currently offers 7 sections: a Kindergarten (5 classes), a Lower School (21 classes), a Middle School (32 classes), an Upper School (26 classes), as well as post-secondary school’s degrees (Business and International Business, Banking, Chemistry), a further education training center for adults and since September 2010, the American section called Notre-Dame International High School.

Notre-Dame International High School Paris

School Facilities

Today, the campus welcomes a large community of approximately 3,000 pupils (both French students attending the French curriculum and international students attending the American school itself). The majority of these students range in age from 14-17 years old, but the school does provide education to students aged 4-20 in pre-school (Kindergarten) to post secondary education.

There are roughly 230 staff members including teachers, admin and maintenance staff who oversee the students and the school’s facilities and gardens (on a total of 13 hectares of land).

Investments are made year after year on the campus to improve and modernize the facilities offered to students. Since Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux provides college level education, the school has excellent science and computer labs, with up to date science instruments.

The facilities offered include:

  • Outdoor fields
  • Computer rooms
  • An amphitheatre and an audiovisual room with high quality LCD projector, DVD player etc.
  • Modernized school libraries for Middle and Upper school classes
  • Theater and Music room
  • Language learning laboratory with related facilities and tools
  • Two indoor gymnasium for basketball, handball etc activities
  • A brand new self-service cafeteria with a kitchen on location, and a so called OPEN CAFÉ
  • A brand new Science building

The school welcomes students with various statuses:

  • Day schoolers (for families living in Paris and surrounding areas)
  • 5 Day Boarders (for students able to spend their weekends with their family)
  • 7 Day Boarders (for families living abroad)
  • 5 Day Boarders + weekend French host family accommodation (for families living abroad and students wishing to improve their French skills)
Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Course Offerings

Notre-Dame International High School’s curriculum is based on a tried-and-true American curriculum which has been developed at St Paul Preparatory School, in the USA. NDIHS offers students an American-styled high school education in English, leading to an American High School Diploma. In addition to the American curriculum (Math, English, Social Studies, Science), the school offers an extensive French language and culture program as well as enrichment courses taught by French teachers (Music, Art, Physical Education).

Honors English Literature
Creative Writing
American Literature
English Composition
World Literature
US Government
US History
AP European History
AP Environmental Science
Algebra II/ Trigonometry
AP Calculus
Physical Education
French (one hour a day, beginner, intermediate and advanced level)
AP French
Studio Art
Computer Applications
College Preparation
Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Educative Mission

Our curriculum provides students with quality, college preparatory academics and enrichment through the arts and physical education. Our classes are taught from a culturally relativistic perspective and take advantage of the wealth of diversity within our student body.

Teachers share a passion for working with students from around the world. The majority of our faculty members hold a Master’s degree or higher, and many have professional career experience beyond the classroom. We truly care about the well-being of our students and offer them a safe, supportive and nurturing environment in which to learn.

We aim to give students opportunities for the development of self-awareness, social consciousness, leadership skills and creativity through our enrichment activities, clubs and study abroad program. We also recognize the importance of providing our students with an enjoyable and memorable high school experience, and promote positive interaction through field trips, dances and other social events. Students are encouraged to take an active role in shaping the culture and climate of their international school, ensuring that it is a comfortable place to grow and learn.

Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Our school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or disability in the administration of its admissions and scholarship programs, the administration of its educational, athletic, or other school programs, or its employment practices.

The primary educational goal of our school is to prepare students for professional success in the global community. We believe that students must be culturally literate and competent problem-solvers.

Our curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills and intercultural learning within a college preparatory academic framework. We also recognize the benefits of non-formal learning that students gain from their daily interactions.

The school values individualized learning. Our teacher to student ratio ranges from 1:6 to 1:25. Small classes create an environment for personal interaction between students and teachers, and provide the opportunity for students to explore topics of personal interest. Teachers are able to focus on the individual instructional needs of their students, particularly on needs to develop their English abilities.

Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Significant global changes suggest a need for corresponding changes in the ways in which we think about ourselves and the world. International education is an approach to learning focused on thinking competencies that help students to perform successfully in intercultural contexts. This approach also includes the development of intercultural communication skills.

The emphasis on personal and social responsibility supports the learning and helps young people apply their international education to everyday and global situations. Ultimately, we aim for students to make meaning of their international education and integrate this learning into their life experience.

In order to fulfill our mission to prepare students to be competent global professionals, Notre-Dame International High School offers a wide variety of courses in science, mathematics, language arts, foreign language, social science, arts, and physical education. We strive to provide an appropriate level of academic challenge for all students, and encourage their involvement in the arts and other enrichment courses. In each of our classes we endeavor to maintain a culturally relativistic viewpoint, and encourage students to share their personal experiences to increase the awareness and understanding of their peers.

Notre-Dame International High School Paris


  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in Nacel International Academic Curriculum by:
    • Producing high-level work that prepares them for higher education and professional life in the global community;
    • Demonstrating effective problem-solving skills in various settings;
    • Integrating the knowledge and experience gained in all subject areas and applying it to real world situations;
    • Gathering and applying information gained from research, past learning, and different world perspectives;
    • Appreciating the value of learning and taking an active role in their education.
  1. Students will develop and refine their intercultural thinking skills by:
    • Learning to understand the viewpoints of others and allowing this information to shape their own perspective of the world;
    • Challenging their personal biases and beliefs through the examination of other worldviews;
    • Using knowledge and critical thinking to develop educated positions on topics and issues that will improve their interactions with others.
  1. Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively within an intercultural setting by:
    • Improving skills in oral and written language;
    • Expressing thoughts and ideas with clarity, purpose, and cultural awareness;
    • Recognizing, analyzing, and evaluating various methods of verbal and nonverbal communication;
    • Developing mastery of English (or for U.S. students, another world language), to be successful in post secondary studies.
  1. Students will exhibit personal and social responsibility by:
    • Practicing personal and academic integrity;
    • Accepting, appreciating, and understanding human diversity as it relates to themselves and others;
    • Developing cultural skills such as mindfulness, empathy, and patience in uncertain situations, self-reflection, and a culturally relative viewpoint;
    • Understanding the impact of the actions and those of others (individuals and groups);
    • Learning cross-cultural leadership skills in preparation for success.


Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Notre-Dame International High School’s graduates have been admitted at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajará, Tabasco, (Mexico), Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad (Serbia), Canisius College, SUNY Fredonia, Penn State University, Abington/University Park, Arizona State University, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, American University of Beirut, Fordham University, Eugene Lang, Marymount Manhattan College, Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus), University of Sheffield’s Law School, LSBF (London School of Business and Finance), Regent American College London (member of the, Webster University network), Hult University of Business, Ekonomski fakultet – Zagreb (Croatia), Russian State Medical University, University of S. Florida, Barry University, Santa Barbara University, San Diego University, University of Florida, European University of Barcelona, Caucasus Business School of Georgia, Free University of Georgia, Tbilisi Teaching University, University of St Thomas, Atelier Hourde année préparatoire aux écoles de creation, Savannah College of Art and Design, Parsons Paris- the New School for Design, Penn State Erie, University of California at Santa Cruz, San Jose State University, University of Colorado, Kings College London, Kaplan International College London, Texas A&M University, Chicago, Institute of Art, Parsons New York, SUNY Ferdonia, Canisius College and Buffalo State College. One of our students has been recently admitted at Wharton School at Upenn. This is consistently rated among the top 3 business schools in the US alongside Stanford and Harvard.

Notre-Dame International High School Paris

School Life

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities for all students.

Following is a list of clubs/sports that are currently active in our school. They include clubs that are exclusive to the American section as well as opportunities for involvement in the French school (list subject to changes):

Student Council
Model UN
Indoor Football
Open mic nights
Arts and culture club (teacher led tours of Paris neighborhoods)
Zumba classes
On campus: Private music class on students' request
Outside of campus: swimming pool and gym on students' request
Available for boarders: music room and gymnasium opened every evening
Drama Club

List of available clubs will be updated at the beginning of the school year, depending on students’ motivations and interest.

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact:

Notre-Dame International High School Paris

Céline Gibassier, Admissions Officer
106, Grande-Rue
F-78480 Verneuil-sur-Seine
[email protected]
Phone : +33 9 70 40 79 22

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