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What We Do
Parents realize that selecting the right school for their child is one of the most important decisions they will ever make. We believe the key to successful school placement is understanding the specific needs of students and knowing the essence and the culture of each school. Whether a student needs competitive academics, athletics or arts programs or a school with therapeutic or special needs, we determine and deliver a holistic approach to the process. Identifying the right school match is our ultimate goal in this somewhat daunting process. Daily, we help students and their families navigate through the new educational world, and as their unbiased advocate, discover and attain the best academic, extracurricular, and social match.

Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors

I have never seen my son this happy. The school chosen by Arlen Advisors was the perfect match.
– Parents, Dubai, U.A.E.

How We Can Help
With your personal Arlen consultant, you will have access to over 700 Premier Primary and Secondary Boarding Schools. Knowing every one of these Schools, their offerings, and how they benefit your child is our area of expertise. We help you sift through the abundance of information Schools provide and take you beyond the Schools’ brochures and websites to a deeper understanding of the institution and curricula. This exclusive access gives you the greatest chance at studying in the U.S., U.K., Canada or Switzerland and succeeding in a new place as our students have proven throughout our history. We believe that students’ educational needs and aspirations, within reason, should always come first, and the direction we collectively take should focus on what will help make those needs and aspirations a reality.

Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors

What Makes Us Special
Collectively, our team of experts has over 200 years of experience working with Boarding Schools and Universities, making us the first choice of Presidents and Prime Ministers, Ambassadors and Diplomats, as well as CEOs and other leaders of industry. We are here to help guide you through vast landscape of Schools, and do so in a way that will keep you at ease, yet in control of defining your child's future. We invite you to explore our team of experts, and again look forward to guiding you through one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your child.

Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors

Our experience with Arlen was exceptional. Every detail from start to finish was both thoughtful and professional.
– Parent and Minister of Defense

Our Process

Through comprehensive consultations, we get to know your son or daughter, to determine specific educational needs, assess strengths and talents —and understand their personal, educational and career goals. Our team of consultants advises students and their families on interview skills, testing, essays, and even contact each admissions officer on your behalf.  We help students complete & submit the application to ensure you have every advantage in this competitive process.

  • Evaluating Targeted Information
    Providing you with the current, accurate information you need to make an informed and realistic educational decision is a critical part of our role. We have no bias or affiliation with any school. The recommendations we present to you focus only on the learning environments we feel best match the needs of your son or daughter.
  • Developing and Implementing the Plan
    Once specific colleges or schools are selected, we prepare an individual game plan for each, with all the elements required in the admissions process, from correspondence and testing, if required, to visits, interviews and applications.
  • Admissions Advocacy and Support
    We do everything possible to leverage our broad network of educational contacts and relationships to help maximize a favorable presentation. We assure you of our total commitment to a successful outcome.
  • Follow-Up
    We are dedicated to each student's success and continue to monitor their progress. We are also available for follow-up consultation at any time.
Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors

… my child was accepted into every school she applied including her ‘reach’ schools.
– Parent, Russia

Meet us in the Middle East

Linden Boarding School and University Fairs provide excellent opportunities for your child to meet with admissions officers. We invite you to come and learn more from our team of expert advisors and meet representatives from the top Boarding Schools and Universities at any of the following events this fall:


  • 6 October 2018 - Linden University Fair (Time and Location TBD)


  • 8 October 2018 - Linden University Fair (Time and Location TBD)


  • 13 October 2018 - Linden University Fair (Time and Location TBD)


  • 15 October 2018  - Linden University Fair (Time and Location TBD)


  • 21-23 October 2018 - Linden Boarding School & University Fair (Time and Location TBD)

Check our Boarding School and University websites for more information on these upcoming events.

Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors

Contact our Experts

If you are a parent, student, friend or family member interested in learning more information or if you would like to speak with one of our consultants, please contact us at:

Arlen Global Advisors
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (949) 612.7022

Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors

We uniquely empower each client through a creative and sophisticated blueprint, delivering long-term strategies with unmatched results.
– John A. Williamson, President & CEO of Arlen Global Advisors

Boarding School Summer & Specialty Programs

Boarding Schools offer a wide range of additional specialty programmes to suit all student needs from English classes for international students to the Post Graduate Year programmes which are designed to help bridge the gap between secondary education and university. A vast range of Summer classes which encompass both academic classes and those that are purely for fun and / or enrichment are also available to students.

We invite you to research some of the summer & specialty programmes:

  • ESL / TOEFL / IELTS / English Preparation Courses & Programmes
    Many students would like courses in English either before, or during their stay at Boarding Schools.
  • Year 13 / Gap Year / PG Year
    Many students choose to do a one-year programme between their Secondary School and University studies.

    It's a great way to gain strength in both academic and language skills before beginning university classes.
  • Summer Programmes
    Summer programmes range from one week to an entire summer.

    Students can live in dormitories with new friends, or choose to live in a home with a local family.
Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors

Boarding Schools & Universities

Over the past 35 years, Linden has conducted more than 980 tours around the globe. Our Tours and programs have been consistently productive, facilitating the needs of hundreds of recruitment professionals. We have represented over 200 Boarding Schools and over 850 Universities to more than 500,000 students worldwide. Eighty-five percent of the Boarding Schools and Universities that travel with Linden are repeat clients.

Our Boarding School and University Fairs provide excellent opportunities for admissions officers to meet and work with international students, families, agents, and counselors. If you are a Boarding School or University and are interested in participating one of our upcoming Recruitment Tours please contact us at:

Linden Educational Services
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (949) 270.6046 &

Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors
Linden Educational Services and Arlen Global Advisors
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