Vicci Turner's Greek Wedding

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Thessaloniki Arrival at Makedonia Palace Arrival Day Introductions Cousins Meet Again Introducing the Kids Jim Meets Vicci's Uncle Bob and Aunt Barbara Olivia and Satomi Swayne Our "1/2 Kilometer" Stroll Begins Where's the Shwarma? Where's Jim? Sunset Along the Corniche Walking the Corniche Art Sculpture Along the Thessaloniki Corniche The White Tower of Thessaloniki Inside The White Tower Old Meets New Entering the Monastery Looking Out over Thessaloniki Satomi on the Bus Getting Tickets to See the Tomb Entrance to the Tomb of Phillip II Larnax of Phillip II Peracles in the Kitchen Look at all the Food Three Cooks Jim Makes an Announcement Greek Feast Vicci Turner with Sons, Rusty and Brad Swayne A Bouquet for Vicci Jim and Vicci the Night Before Peracles Ushers Out Dessert Entrance to Bed and Breakfast Balcony View View of Turtle Island Bed and Breakfast Relaxing at the Beach Jim Swims with the Granddaughters A View of Mt. Athos View from the Lookout Mt. Athos Outdoor Lunch Sunset from Peter and Domna's House Paul's Taverna Seating at the Taverna The Next Generation View from the Taverna Enjoying the Taverna Beach Side in Marmaras Kids Get Ready to Swim Cindy Cook Gets Her Feet Wet Kids Enjoying the Beach Not the Red Sea Swimming in Marmaras Evil Eyes Roof Top Dining Jane and Jerry Archer Vicci with Granddaughter Olivia Vicci and Satomi Ready, Set Rusty's Turn Kara Pins on Jim's Boutineer Jim's Family Wedding Party Makes Way to the Chapel Swayne Girls Looking Down Hill at the Chapel Leading Up to the Chapel Can Anyone Hear What's Going On In There? Jim and Vicci Emerging from the Chapel Brad Congratulates Vicci and Jim Maya Belka Catches the Bouquet Jim and Vicci Holding Hands Flower Girls More Family Photos Family Photo with Turtle Island in the Background Bob and Barabara Join the Family Photo Vicci Turner Toasts Uncle Bob It's Official! The Swayne Boys Toast Their Mom We've Done Our Part First Dance Vicci Turner with Paul of Paul's Taverna Cindy Cook The Priest Fellow Aramcons at Paul's Taverna Sunset at the Taverna Jane Archer, Bonnie Cook, Peter Cook Rusty Swayne Talks with His Great Uncle, Bob Fast Friends Dancing Greek Dancing at the Reception Vicci Turner and Jim Ojala Opa!
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