Photo of the Week - Summer 2013

Contributed by Karen Martin, Teresa Berg, Russell Webb RT 1966, Sheryl Wright, Donna Pugh, Pam and Graham Vizor, Karen Eaton-Hinz, Tony Sievert, Mike Staley, Jane Archer, Beverly Page on 3 June 2013

Under: Photo of the Week
Ms. Hesrick Aramco Retirees in Texas Aramco Brat Reunion 2013 Sheryl Wright and Ian Bland Fourth of July Arizona Luncheon 2013 Dhahran Rugby 'Not the May Ball' 2013 Bahrain Hilton Outing Group 2013 Dhahran Kids Circa 1978 Kevin Sievert takes First Place in Dhahran Diving Competition Staley Visit to Manchester Sweden Archers and Misankos at Possum Trot Beverly Page Sky Dives
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