Ramo A. Natalizio

Deceased: 28 February 1963

Under: Obituary

Word has been received of the sudden death of Ramo A. Natalizio in Seibo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan on February 28. Natalizio, material conrrolman in Ras Tanura Maintenance and Shops, was en route to Saudi Arabia following his long vacation. He was accompanied by his wife, Dolores. Hired by Aramco on Oct. 7, 1948, Natalizio arrived in Saudi Arabia later that month. He had spent his almost 15 years of service in Ras Tanura. Funeral services and interment will be held in Milwaukie, Ore.-

Natalizio is survived by his widow, Dolores, who may be reached at 9853 SE 46th Avenue, Milwaukie 22, Ore. Memorial services were held in the Ras Tanura Theater on Monday.

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