P. P. Fernandes

Deceased: 8 April 1961

Under: Obituary

Four present or former Aramco employees, three of them with families, and five personal servants employed by Aramco families were known to have been aboard the passenger ship Dara which caught fire in a raging storm off the Trucial Coast early Saturday morning, April 8. Of this number, one was killed, another was injured, and one family and one individual are unaccounted for.

The fatality was P. P. Fernandes, a personal servant from Dhahran. Still missing is personal servant S. Teixera of Dhahran, and the family of Sa'id Gul, a former Aramco employee who left the company a year ago and was working in al-Khobar. Gul himself is hospitalized in Dubai. Also in Dubai, but "quite well," according to word from Awali, are Company employee Karim Baksh Butt of Dhahran and his wife and children.

Personal servants John Fernandes, A.C. Pereira and I. A. R. Fernandes, as well as former employees A. J. Qureshi and Mushtag Ahmad, have been listed among the survivors.

Since those saved lost all their personal belongings, the company authorized its representatives on the scene to give employee survivors and family members suitable assistance to take care of their immediate needs. Arrangements are being made to transport them to their intended destinations.

Industrial Relations reports that there were no unaccompanied personal effects of any Aramcon employee on board the ill-fated Dara.

A prominent oil executive from Bahrain and his wife, both well known here, are reported missing from the Dara. They are Assistant to the Resident Vice President of Bapco L.V. Dorsch and Mrs. Dorsch. Dorsch had just retired after 35 years in the oil business, and he and his wife were on their way to their permanent home in the United States when disaster struck.

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