Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Wedemeyer

Deceased: 20 October 1948

Under: Obituary

The many friends of Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Wedemeyer will regret to learn that they were killed in an airplane accident on October 20 in Scotland while enroute from Batavia to New York.

"Rupe" Wedemeyer was manager of South Mediterranean Oil Fields, Ltd., in Egypt for many years and is well known in Cairo and the Middle East. For the past few years he had been manager of Standard Oil Company of California and Texas Company's jointly owned company in the Dutch East Indies. The Wedemeyers were on their way to the United States for vacation when the KLM plane in which they were traveling crashed.

Mr. Wedemeyer served as an officer in the First World War and joined Standard Oil Company of California in 1919. Before going into "foreign service" with the oil companies, the Wedemeyers made their home in Palo Alto, California, where Mrs. Wedemeyer was active in Red Cross work during the last world war. The Wedemeyers had no children.

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