James C. Stewart

Deceased: 19 June 1963

Under: Obituary

James C. Stewart, senior translation analyst, Local Government Relations department, Dhahran, died suddenly on June 19. Funeral services were held in the Auditorium Sunday morning.

Stewart was born in Latakia, Syria, where he received his early education. He completed his education in the United States and was graduated from high school and Geneva College in Pennsylvania where he majored in languages and history. He was hired by Socony Mobile Oil Company in June, 1930, and held various managerial posts in the Middle East. Commissioned as a captain in the U. S. Air Force, he was assigned to North Africa during World War II. He later transferred from Socony to Aramco, arriving in Dhahran in December, 1947.

Stewart served as supervisor of Translation, and of the Saudi Arabian Government Services sections. He was transferred to Industrial Relations, where he supervised the Dhahran Intermediate and General Personnel section and relieved the Personnel superintendent for extended periods. Later he worked as Labor Relations representative in charge of the Labor Relations division, Dhahran District.

His knowledge of the language and customs of the Middle East made Stewart a natural choice for the role of the geologist in the film "Jazirat Al 'Arab," the biography of the late King 'Abd al-'Aziz, which was filmed in 1953.

Stewart is survived by his widow, Elizabeth, and son, Gordon. [Photograph]

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