By Mohammed O. Haddad

Recognition credited to Yanbu’ team’s focus on safety and excellence at all times.

Yanbu’ Refinery Earns Five International Workplace Safety Awards
The team from the Yanbu’ Refinery Department pose with manager Abdulatif S. Al-Shami for its recent award-winning safety efforts. They were recognized with the Occupational Excellence Achievement, Million Work Hours, Perfect Record, Safety Leadership, and Superior Safety Performance awards.

Aramco’s Yanbu’ Refinery Department (YRD) has recently been recognized with five prestigious international workplace safety awards (through Loss Prevention) from the National Safety Council. 

The council recognized the company and Yanbu’ Refinery with the following:

  • Occupational Excellence Achievement award
  • Million Work Hours award, 
  • Perfect Record award, 
  • Safety Leadership award
  • Superior Safety Performance award. 

Those awards came in recognition of YRD outstanding safety performance as compared to similar companies and facilities of same nature, along with an achievement of more than 17 million safe manhours record without a lost time or fatal incident for more than 10 consecutive years.

“This is aligned with our vision to be the world’s leading excellence-centric refinery,” said Abdulatif S. Al-Shami, Yanbu Refinery Manager. "We hope this will propel other refineries to follow in our footsteps in commitment to operational excellence to enhance health, safety, and environment portfolios among others.” 

Winning these awards from the National Safety Council, a renowned leading nonprofit safety advocate for more than 100 years, is a testament to Aramco and YRD’s safety culture that is integrated into its day-to-day activities, which aligns with Aramco’s risk strategy to focus on safety above all else. 

— The Arabian Sun: December 04, 2022