Aramco ExPats | Where in the World Are YOU???

Last week we began a piece on ZeeMaps with the headline, “Where in the World are Aramco Expats?” After one week, and a number of refinements, this new feature is running well and more and more Aramcons are signing on. We invite all readers who haven’t yet done so to do the same. It’s a great way to visualize where all of your old friends and colleagues are hanging out these days. To enter your information and join in the fun, click on the Plus + sign on the upper right-hand corner of the map and fill in your information. Your email will not be displayed! Key or Password: aramcoexpats You can easily enlarge it or reduce it in size or shift its focal point using the tools in the upper left-hand corner of the webpage, just like you would similarly maneuver on Google Maps. Click here for more information. See you there!

Key or Password: aramcoexpats