A letter from Ali Al-Baluchi.

These are the wishes my wife Amira and I hope to share with each of you in October when so many of our Aramco annuitant friends will board together for the upcoming Hafla Cruise.

As many of you may know, plans are well underway in Dhahran to launch the 5th Expatriate Reunion from March 1-14, 2023. Will we see you there? I truly hope we will. I am so grateful to Saudi Aramco for agreeing to sponsor each of the previous four Expatriate Reunions in the Eastern Province, and of course, my gratitude extends to the support we are receiving from Aramco for next year's event.

I must also express my gratitude to the important accomplishments of the organizers of the October Hafla Cruise. After a four-year absence brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, both Amira and I are so very excited to join our dear Aramco friends again for the annuitant's reunion launching from Miami in October. This is a meaningful voyage for us. As many of you know, with very few exceptions, I have been attending these gatherings since they began in 1958. Over these years, we have shared laughs and we have shared beautiful memories. I know we shall do the same on the Hafla Cruise.

I look to you, the annuitant, and your children, as unofficial ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, and I very much encourage you, your children, and your grandchildren to come aboard and enjoy the great things Saudi Aramco is offering. This is a wonderful way to maintain our fruitful relationship, and we will meet together to share more good times together and foster the bonds we already have with each other. The Hafla Cruise will be a time to gather and reminisce and share memories of when we worked together overseas, bonding as ExPats and Saudis working for the common goal of fulfilling the world’s need for petroleum resources. Truly, the bond between Saudis and the Americans is based on a mutual understanding and respect that was built over the years. We will always realize the importance of this mutual understanding and respect. By coming out to events such as the October Hafla Cruise, and the 2023 reunion, we will continue to generate the deep friendships among us, the attendees.

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

God bless you,

Ali M. Albaluchi

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