The following report was written by Zara Imran, granddaughter of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employee Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan of Karachi, Pakistan.

The Indie Art and Craft Show in Karachi 2022
Two sisters, Mrs. Samia Khan and Miss Hira Siddiqui.
The Indie Art and Craft Show in Karachi 2022
Miss Hira Siddiqui, Zoya Imran and Zara Imran.

Local businesses are increasing all around the world and many are showcasing hidden talents on a much higher scale. To that end, the Indie Art and Craft Show in Karachi, Pakistan was an exhibition to support local makers and uplift their businesses. In the midst of unprecedented monsoon storms, waterlogged roads, and uncertainty, a lot of people showed up. There were different stalls displaying exquisite items from delicious brownies, delicate jewellery, elegant calligraphy, fine crochet, crafted jackets, exceptional crockery to intricate resin.

The Indie Art and Craft Show in Karachi 2022
Arabic Calligraphy by Zara Imran on a canvas board.
The Indie Art and Craft Show in Karachi 2022
Arabic Calligraphy by Zara Imran.

We had a stall displaying baby products, Arabic calligraphy, and more accessories. Arabic calligraphy on canvases was done by me, and the crochet items were created by Samia Khan; “Daajees” is a small business run by Samia Khan offering hand-crocheted frocks and cardigans, baby soaps, key chains and earrings, as well as Arabic calligraphy on canvases, hand-painted to perfection.

The Indie Art and Craft Show in Karachi 2022
Another view of Stall No-75 at the Show.
The Indie Art and Craft Show in Karachi 2022
Stall No-75 organized by Daajees Team Members.

There were many vendors who were professionals while others were new to this. Every stall had different and distinctive products.

We handed out a brief questionnaire to some of the vendors that were there at the show and this was their response:

My business is a small art and craft shop, I was into cute and aesthetic stuff ever since I was a kid, as I grew up I got more confident in my art so I started by making something I would like to see in art shops but couldn’t. I don’t think someone inspired me however my teachers influenced me by making sure this interest of mine didn’t wane. I began to paint tote bags and now it has expanded to paintings, pots, stickers and more artistic stuff. Though the footfall of the event was less due to the rain, I would  definitely be a part of the Indie Art & Craft Show again as it usually has a great audience and overall I had a good experience for me to be part of it again.

The Indie Art and Craft Show in Karachi 2022
Newborn items hand knitted by Samia Khan for “Daajees”.

Once we start supporting small businesses it shows that we are supporting and uplifting the young generation and the local community. Further; it helps our country to strengthen and grow.

A Little About The Indie Art and Craft Show:

The Indie Art and Craft Show is an event organized by the Crafter’s Guild and Whimsical Firefly. The Guild works to bring together the crafting community, striving towards awareness campaigns, educating people about various crafts and networking crafters for prospects and opportunities.

With the success of the Ultimate Crafters' Workshops, there was an ongoing rise in the demand for crafting supplies, craft and awareness.