The Abqaiq Cookbook - 1973

This is a recipe related by a fisherman. No proportions were given; however, if you allow one cup of rice to a pound and a half or two pounds of shrimp, you can serve six to eight people.

Using a large iron skillet, brown sliced onions in hot bacon drippings. Add peeled, raw shrimp and stir until shrimp turns red. Add salt and pepper. Stir in one cup of dry, uncooked rice and stir until rice turns brown. (Do not wash rice.) Now add enough boiling water to cover all ingredients, continuing to stir while the water cooks down. Keep your kettle of boiling water handy and add more of this to rice from time to time. The rice will thicken but will not be done until the grains are tender. Add the boiling water in small mounts. Stir! After rice is done, add seasonings to taste; salt, pepper, celery salt, paprika, Worcestershire and sherry. Keep heat very low and continue to add seasonings until you are afraid to add any more. It should be very hot and spicy. Place in an earthenware casserole, garnish with parsley. Serve with garlic bread and green salad.

Yield: 6-8 servings.

Brenda Miller