Sean Monteiro Named Dean’s Scholar by Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada
Sean Monteiro Named Dean’s Scholar by Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

Sean, an Aramco brat, has been named Dean’s Scholar by Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada for outstanding academic performance by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science for the 2019-20 academic session. Sean graduated in Mechanical Engineering with a 3.5 GPA.

Sean completed a 1-year Coop Program with General Motors. As part of intellectual property created during the time at GM, Sean successfully obtained approval of two patents from the US Patent Office spanning autonomous technology and collision avoidance and completed one Defensive Publication for GM surrounding mitigating collisions in the front blind zone during passing maneuvers; two more patents are pending approvals.

Additionally, Sean is the Co-Founder of IT joint venture, a community-focused event discovery and ticketing platform; the startup won handsome cash awards at two different young entrepreneurs competitions.

Sean, an Eagle Scout of Boys Scouts of America, studied at Dhahran Hills School and Dhahran Jr. High before completing High School graduation at Brentwood College Preparatory School, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Sean is the younger brother of Sharlen and Seymour Monteiro, also Aramco brats, both work and live in Calgary, Canada. Seymour is an Eagle Scout and a Chemical Engineer. Sean is the younger son of Cajetan Tony Monteiro, worked in Project Management, and Vivienne Monteiro worked in Dhahran Hills School. The Monteiros retired from Saudi Aramco in late 2015.