by Musleh Alkhathami

Saudi Aramco Plants at Night

The world is going through an unprecedented health crisis, the impact of which has reached all areas of life that forced governments and individuals to make unprecedented decisions and adapt to unusual lifestyles.

Every aspect of daily life has changed, particularly at night as markets, restaurants and cafes have been forced to close, and people are staying home.

Saudi Aramco Plants at Night

The lights are off, silence grows, and everything has slowed down.

Yet, the world still needs energy, and while people stay at home, they can count on our heroes to supply the world with energy.

Therefore, Saudi Aramco’s plants continue to be vibrant during the day and glowing at night, full of energy and committed to providing it to the world.

Saudi Aramco Plants at Night

We take you on a visual journey through Saudi Aramco plants at night — from the Arabian Gulf coast through the dunes of the Empty Quarter and then to the Kingdom’s West.

— The Arabian Sun: May 20, 2020 | Vol. LXXV, No. 21

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