New Udhailiyah Mall a Shopper’s Delight

‘Udhailiyah — The remote Aramco community of ‘Udhailiyah is celebrating the expansion of its shopping center.

The Hajar Mall was refurbished over three months to make it a hub for shopping, leisure, and socializing, according to Mohammed M. Al Khamsan, administrator for ’Udhailiyah’s Community Services.

“It’s a very good place for people to shop,” Al Khamsan said.

“The mall is designed to serve everyone living and working here, including residents in the GC 11+ community, GC 3-10 community residents, and everyone working in the nearby Core Area office buildings,” he said.

New Udhailiyah Mall a Shopper’s Delight

The renovation included relocating Housing offices, building seven new outlets, extending a seating area, creating a lounge area, enhancing the garden, and installing a fountain. The work was performed after office hours and on weekends.

New shops added to the mall include food outlets, fashion shops, and electronics and appliance units, as well as a pop-up shop.

New Udhailiyah Mall a Shopper’s Delight

The Flower City is the company’s most remote family community, with almost 2,000 residents living 160 km southwest of Dhahran. The closest city is al-Hasa, approximately 55 km away.

“If you want to go out for a coffee in al-Hasa and you think about the time it will take, you don’t go as it’s too far,” Al Khamsan said.

New Udhailiyah Mall a Shopper’s Delight

“Here everyone can enjoy a good coffee and relax.”

The mall has been refurbished almost a year after the opening of the new community center, House of Jasmine.

“I think the community looks good,” Al Khamsan added.

— The Arabian Sun: February 3, 2021 | Vol. LXXVI, No. 5