NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
NED-SET - Medical Camp Banner Engr. Badar Khan, Engr. Iqbal Khan,
Engr. Javed Majid, Abdul Ghani Gujjo and his cousin

The NEDians Social Engineers Trust Team planned to visit Chachro and to arrange a Medical Camp at the Goth Ghoraro Rind, Tharparkar District. The initial team members were:

  • Engr. Col ® Javed Majid - President - NED-SET
  • Engr. Badar Khan - General Secretary - NED-SET
  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan - Joint Secretary - NED-SET
  • Dr. Mohammad Ahmed

All arrangements were made but at the last moment Dr. Mohammed Ahmed excused himself to join the team. Engr. Badar Khan managed to contact Officials in Sindh Government to arrange a doctor from Chachro Taluka Hospital. Now there were only three team members.

On February 11, 2016 we started late in the afternoon in one car from Karachi and after driving for four hours we reached Rashidabad. We were welcomed at the Guest House for the night stay and were served with dinner. We went to bed soon as we were tired and were to leavefor Chachro early morning.

NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
Logo of NED-SET The NED-SET Medical Camp is in operation;
Dr. Abdus Salam is inspecting a lady patient

We left Rashidabad after early breakfast and Fajar Prayers for Chachro. The driving time to Chachro was three hours. We reached Chachro as planned and met the Medical Superintendent Dr. Madan Lal (MS), who was already instructed by the Sind Government Officials to arrange a doctor to accompany us to Goth Ghoraro Rind where we have planned a Medical Camp.

As there was no proper road to reach the Goth so Engr. Badar Khan requested to one of his local connection Mr. Abdul Ghani Gujjo a retired school teacher to arrange a 4X4 vehicle on rent for pick/drop from Chachro Taluka Hospital to Goth Ghoraro Rind.  Mr. Abdul Ghani Gujjo brought his own 4X4 jeep as well to go with us. Mr. Abdul Ghani Gujjo is originally from Charnur, a region with cluster of 5 villages. Ghoraro is one of these where we were heading for.

Dr. Abdus Salam, his dispenser Annanth Kumar and one additional helper were in the jeep of Mr. Abdul Ghani Gujjo along with substantial load of medicines and necessary vitamins. The NED-SET Team were in the other 4X4hired Jeep. We all left for the Goth Ghoraro Rind in the morning.

NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
Dr. M. Khan, Engr. Javed Majid, Dr. Shakir Mustafa, Prof. Dr. D.S. Akram, Dr.Amara Shakeel, Dr. Hakimzadi, Engr. Badar Khan, Engr. Iqbal A. Khan A group in the lawn of Haji Qamaruddin Rahmoon, Engr. Javed Majid, Akhtar Rahmoon, Engr. Badar Khan, Engr. Iqbal A. Khan, Liaquat Rahmoon

We have a better picture of the Goth in our mind but when we reached there it was all sand dunes and wild growth, there were no roads at all. All the village people have gathered outside the Goth and were waiting for us in the sun.

Majority of patients seemed to be under fed. The old people, the younger ones and the women, were looking very weak. Anyway we managed to arrange a table and a chair for the doctor to inspect the patients. During the consultation period the Friday prayers was also offered. The patients were exited to get the medicines, without knowing the effect and its necessity. During our absence for prayer all of them rushed and try to snatch the medicines from the distribution van. Dr. Abdus Salam stopped the activity and waited till we arrived back from the prayer. Engr. Badar Khan and Engr. Javed Majid reorganize the work after maintaining the necessary discipline.

NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
A local water well in the desert of Tharparkar A typical house at Goth Ghoraro Rind

Dr. Abdus Salam inspected about two hundred patients and accordingly the medicines were distributed. Some patients were so old and sick that they could not walk so were brought on donkey or charpoys or lifted manually by others.

The stock of medicines was large enough that even after distribution to a large number of patients about one quarter of the medicine was still available. It was decided that the leftover medicine to be donated to the H.E.L.P. Society (Health, Education & Literacy Programs). These personnel were also on the same mission in the area, whom we have met in the evening at Chachro Taluka Hospital.

The leaders of Goth Ghoraro Rind were very thankful to NED-SET for arranging a medical camp for their patients and coming all the way from Karachi. We also thanked their elders for co-operation and started back for Chachro.The program was a success but we felt that the residents were in need of food more than the medicines and also a permanent setup is required to be established in their area to make them economically better and self sustainable.

NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
A very old lady is approaching Dr. Abdus Salam for her inspection Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan with the local residents of Goth Ghoraro Rind

We returned to Chachro Taluka Hospital and met the H.E.L.P. Team comprising of Prof. Dr. D.S. Akram, the Group Leader along with Dr. Amara Shakeel, Program Manager and Dr. Shakir Mustafa. The local Lady Gynecologist Surgeon Dr. Hakimzadi and Dr. Salma Gynecologist were also with them.

As H.E.L.P has conducted couple of camps earlier also and the NED-SET has also been in the area not only for health projects but also for Solar and Water projects, there by both organisations have been meetings for last 8 months to find ways and means to collaborate in their common goal. This trip was one of such attempt but due to time constraints we could not go to the camps together but we planned to continue our collaboration in all future activities for the uplift of these villages.

NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
Engr. Javed Majid with the local residents Engr. Iqbal Khan and Engr. Badar Khan are
with the father of Mushtaq and the local residents

After the meeting NED-SET offered H.E.L.P. Personals to take some of the left over medicines which they can utilize during their camp in the next morning. They accepted the medicines as per their requirement.

NED-SET personnel’s conducted a briefing tour to the H.E.L.P. Group of the Operation Theater of Chachro Taluka Hospital that has been made Operational by NED-SET under a MOU with the Health Ministry of Sindh. The doctors and the Theater Staff were present with and the details were given about Cesarean Operations that were performed for the last 13 months by the Lady Surgeon Dr. Hakimzadi and Alhumduellah all were successful. The Medical Superintendent and all the staff were very much thankful to NED-SET for their assistance and help provided to them for the services to the local resident of Chachro and close-bye villages.

NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
Engr. Liaquat Rabbani, Engr. Badar Khan, Engr. Javed Majid, Engr. Iqbal Khan with the Principal of The Hunar Foundation
Engr. Sabir Hussain
Engr. Javed Majid, Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Engr. Badar Khan at a gas station on the Suprt Highway

Engr. Badar Khan being a very regular visitor to Interior of Sindh and having good relations with the Local Elites and the Sindh Government Officials. He arranged an overnight stay not only for NED-SET Team but also for the H.E.L.P. Team as well at Haji Qamaruddin Rahmoon in Chachro city. When we arrived at the very big bungalow of Haji Qamaruddin Rahmoon we were told that he is out of town but all the arrangements were ready for both the groups. His younger brothers Liaquat Ali Rahmoon and Akhtar Ali Rahmoon welcomed us and we stayed overnight at their place. We were very well taken care of during the night and early morning by the hosts.

Next day that is on 13th February at early morning we left for Rashidabad, while we were on our way to our destination Engr. Badar Khan realized that he promised Mushtaq Rahmoon who introduced him to Haji Qamaruddin Rahmoon to visit his Goth and see if NED-SET can do something for improvement. The Goth is right in the middle of our journey. Engr. Bader called Mushtaq and got his father’s name and the name of the Goth so that we can pay a visit to the said Goth.

NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
Looks like the camels are very thristy Nice work by the THF Gardner

We turned towards the Goth of Mushtaq and found his father Mr. Anwar Rahmoon waiting for us on the road. The vehicle cannot go inside the Goth but we drove as far as the vehicle can go without any problem. The Mushtaq’s Goth Pir Jathar is next to the Goth of Ex-Chief Minister of Sindh Mr. Abdul Rahim’s family where electric power is available and the Goth is well established.

In Goth Pir Jathar they have a submersible pump installed and the water is available for two to three hours and they have made some storage facilities where they store the water which comes during that period. There is a primary school as well. The Goth is very clean and the entire local resident was down to earth and was showing lot of hospitality. We all tasted the water from the well it was not as sour as they were claiming. Engr. Badar took a bottle of water as a sample so that the same can be tested in Karachi. As far as their other request about the electric power NED-SET will work it out with the Ex-Chief Minister Abdul Rahim’s party to help the neighbor Goth Pir Jathar. We promised them to do something for them in near future and with lots of sweet memories of the Goth we left for Rashidabad.

NED-SET's Medical Camp at Goth Ghoraro Rind
The local residents are waiting for their turn to
get themselves inspected by Dr. Abdus Salam
The Operation Theater; made operational
by NED-SET 13 months back

As we want to reach Karachi in day light so we decided not to visit inside of Rashidabad Compound instead we visited The Hunar Foundation. Engr. Badar called one representative of Rashidabad and requested him to come over to Hunar Foundation and collect the left over medicines from the Goth Ghoraro. So a vehicle came and collected all the medicines which will be utilized at the Hospital inside Rashidabad Compound.

Last but not the least we met the Principal of THF-HAK Technical Institute, Engr. Sabir Hussain, who is also an Ex-NEDian. NED-SET is collaborating with Hunar Foundation for developing the solar equipment for the villages. Eng. Badar planned the meeting with him regarding a project by an NGO to light up the whole of Rashidabad Compound for Solar LED lights.  NED-SET suggested a company who could assist Hunar Foundation in organizing a sustainable venture. This company is owned by another Ex-NEDian Engr. Syed Javed Nasir.

NED-SET is planning to have a solar workshop built at Rashidabad to develop with The Hunar Foundation and fabricate and train the fabrication to the villagers.

After the meeting is concluded we hit back to Karachi and Alhumduellah reached in daylight. The trip was successful and NED-SET Mission accomplished.

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