by Ching Yeh

Light Art Project Lifts Spirits in Dhahran

Dhahran — It’s festive, romantic, dazzling, and appealing! The Central Community Services Department (CCSD) invites company employees and their families to enjoy an evening spectacle of energetic vibe created by the newly installed lights outside the Dhahran Dining Hall and along King’s Road.

“Light Art on King’s Road was devised by CCSD and its Gardening and Sanitation Services Division to spruce up the area for everyone’s enjoyment,” said Munirah Aldossary, who designed the light art.

A Whole Lot of Light

Some 2,500 sets of lights have been put up on the trees around the Dining Hall, the middle island along King’s Road, and other main streets in the busiest areas in Dhahran since last November, said Aldossary. Installed on 70 palm trees and 17 large trees, the LED lights are energy efficient and do not affect the trees, she said. “This initiative was conceptualized from CCSD’s continuous efforts to beautify the community. We want residents to be happy and enjoy this place,” she said. “When I was given the project, I wanted to create something everyone would talk about.”

She has always had a strong interest in design and the project put her talent to the test. “I want something that people look at and say ‘wow.’”

A Little Light to Dine By

The Dining Hall area was strategically identified as a venue for the project because it’s frequently visited and is the busiest street in the housing area.

The lights go on automatically from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily and can be switched to different colors to match the theme of holidays and festivals all year-round. New landscape, tables, and chairs, along with music in the sitting area outside of the Dining Hall and nearby green patches, enhance the diners’ experience.

“It’s a nice touch. It’s beautiful. I come here more often,” said Maha Alghubari, 23, who was sitting outside of the Dining Hall with her sister and a friend having dinner. “The atmosphere is very pleasant, and I don’t mind coming here alone.”

“It’s bright, calming, and relaxing,” said Alghubari’s sister, Reem.

Light Art Project Lifts Spirits in Dhahran
In an effort to enhance the visual appeal of the Dhahran Community and create an energetic vibe, the Central Community Services Department has taken to decorating the landscape with lighting. Located primarily outside of the Dining Hall and along King’s Road, the creative lighting has given the area a whole new appearance.

A Pleasant, Productive Area

The lights not only create a pleasant dining venue, but also a sanctuary and a great alternative to get a little work done after working hours.

“I found this place quiet, and I’m more productive working here. This place boosts my energy and lifts my mind,” said Humam Alghamdi, 31, who was sitting under the lights with his laptop and coffee one evening.

“This is maybe a minor enhancement, but the value and impact is huge,” said the Saudi Aramco Reservoir Management engineer who lives outside of the community.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth and discussion on social media help spread word about the dazzling site, which has drawn hundreds of people over the past few weeks. The area has become busy during weekends, too, as employees and their families come to eat and enjoy the new attraction of the Dhahran community. In addition to the Dining Hall area, multicolored lights were added to the trees around the golf course, and spotlights have been installed at the entrance to welcome visitors coming into the community through the al-Khobar Gate.

Meanwhile, additional light art installation in other areas is being evaluated. “We will continue to expand the project to other areas in the Dhahran community,” said Aldossary.

The light art project was fully supported by Meshaal S. Al Khaldi, manager of CCSD, and Nabeel A. Al Dughaither, head of the Dhahran Gardening and Sanitation Division, with support from the Dhahran Community Maintenance Division.